It is that time of year again – Income Tax Time

Many people look forward to getting a huge chunk of money in February or March. But by June some people have no idea where all that money went. What will you be doing with your income tax refund this year? Do you have a plan? It is recommended to have a written plan prior to getting […]

You and Your Money – Success or Stress?

 In our latest blog, we share helpful tools and tips and even discuss what might be “missing” in your money management plans. I’m excited to share a money tip that could be the “missing” piece to creating a successful budget! You know how important it is to use budgeting tools: expense tracking, getting your credit […]

Thinking of a Career Change?

Are you considering returning to school to change your career or gain new skills for a better job? My friend Rose is too. Rose is turning fifty-five, and has been working a full time job that’s physically demanding. She realizes, in the future, it’s likely she won’t be able to keep up with the job’s […]

Ten Budget Friendly Ways to Spend a Summer Day

It’s officially summer! Are you ready for some fun? There’s so many ways to enjoy the season and the best part of all, you don’t have to “break the bank” to do it. My favorite way to spend a summer day is at the beach building sand castles, jumping the waves, and hunting for sea […]

Do You Need a Positive Financial Change in Your Life?

I’m thinking it’s time that I make a few changes when it comes to my household budget. What needs to change and how to go about doing it are the questions circling in my head. Where do I start? What do I change? Have you asked yourself these same questions? We are all familiar with […]

What do you do with your old Cell Phones?

When you look back at all the cell phones you’ve owned through the years I bet it would surprise you. When you think about it, no other consumer electronic product has gone through more changes and upgrades than the cell phone. From the very first cell phone I owned in the 1990s to now, it […]

One Key Question Can Make a Difference in Your Financial Well-Being

Are you looking forward to an income increase? Is your annual raise coming up or has your boss told you you’re getting a promotion or maybe even a bonus? It’s tax time and a tax refund may be coming your way, or perhaps you occasionally receive a reimbursement from a work expense. During each of […]