What do you do with your old Cell Phones?

When you look back at all the cell phones you’ve owned through the years I bet it would surprise you. When you think about it, no other consumer electronic product has gone through more changes and upgrades than the cell phone. From the very first cell phone I owned in the 1990s to now, it […]

One Key Question Can Make a Difference in Your Financial Well-Being

Are you looking forward to an income increase? Is your annual raise coming up or has your boss told you you’re getting a promotion or maybe even a bonus? It’s tax time and a tax refund may be coming your way, or perhaps you occasionally receive a reimbursement from a work expense. During each of […]

Are you ready to purchase the latest and greatest Smart Phone?

For the past ten years, consumers have seen their choices of smart phones change rapidly. It seems like every couple of months smart phones with new innovative technologies and applications are being advertised. Of course, they wouldn’t be building these phones if consumers didn’t have an increasing appetite for the most advanced state-of-the art technology. […]

Communicating with Collectors: What You Should Know

It happens to many people; a cell phone or cable bill goes unpaid long after changing carriers, an old medical bill that you thought was paid by your insurance but was actually denied and you didn’t realize it, a credit card balance from long ago that you couldn’t afford to pay and now the account […]

Summer Fun for Less

Do you dread summer when your children are out of school because they’re bored with nothing fun to do? Even if they’re in childcare most days, it’s not easy coming up with low-cost ways to keep children occupied. The answer is to turn the ordinary into something fun. Here are a few of my favorites: […]

Container Gardens

The season for growing has begun!  Admittedly, this is my favorite time of year.  It always brings up warm and dreamy memories of the small historic town on the ocean where I lived many years ago.  I lived in an apartment without much yard space, as did my neighbors.  Instead we had lots of concrete […]