“Financial Brainstorming”

Let’s face it, at this point, our New Year’s resolutions have either fizzled or become fantastic new habits. With that said, it’s a good time to get focused on something new. Since our finances have the capacity to improve our overall well-being, why not start this year brainstorming financial goals? To get this underway, ask […]

Start Saving Today for Next Year’s Holiday Spending

Another holiday season is over, yet many will still be paying for it in January, February and beyond. Are you one of those who charge holiday expenses that go beyond your budget? Or do you skip paying bills in December so you can afford gifts, and then play catch up in the following months? Here are […]

“Manage Your Spending on the Go”

A friend of mine always says, “There’s an app for just about everything.” And when I went looking for an app to help my husband and me with budgeting, I found plenty! Planning and tracking your spending can be done efficiently, quickly and on-the-go. An app that’s convenient makes it more likely that I’ll use […]

Your Money Management Habits Do Make a Difference

We’ve all experienced how difficult it can be to stay motivated, especially when it comes to self-discipline around money management strategies! As the first high school track athlete to break the four-minute mile, Jim Ryun said, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” So, while motivation is hard to hold […]

It is that time of year again – Income Tax Time

Many people look forward to getting a huge chunk of money in February or March. But by June some people have no idea where all that money went. What will you be doing with your income tax refund this year? Do you have a plan? It is recommended to have a written plan prior to getting […]

You and Your Money – Success or Stress?

 In our latest blog, we share helpful tools and tips and even discuss what might be “missing” in your money management plans. I’m excited to share a money tip that could be the “missing” piece to creating a successful budget! You know how important it is to use budgeting tools: expense tracking, getting your credit […]