What do you do with your old Cell Phones?

When you look back at all the cell phones you’ve owned through the years I bet it would surprise you. When you think about it, no other consumer electronic product has gone through more changes and upgrades than the cell phone. From the very first cell phone I owned in the 1990s to now, it amazes me to think about where all the old cell phones ended up.

Every time I decided to purchase a new phone I had to make a decision about what to do with the old one.  In the early days throwing them away or recycling them seemed to be the only choices we had.  But today we have many more options.  At our home we have traded them in for cash, traded them in for new phones and recycled.  With smart phones, we’ve even given them to our 9 and 7 year-old children to play music, use the radio, take pictures and of course play games – but no emailing, texting or Facebook just yet.  We’ve also kept our smart phones as backups in case the new phone gets lost or badly damaged. If you don’t purchase insurance, having an older phone that can be used as a quick replacement  would save a ton of money.

Perhaps the neatest thing I’ve seen are the kiosks in the malls where you place your device in a test station, the test station then examines your device and searches for the highest price between a network of buyers.  Kiosks price each individual device based on model, condition and the current value on the market. It’s usually a three step process and if you agree to sell it, you will receive cash on the spot – it’s like an ATM machine. You don’t even have to talk to a single person; however, for security reasons and to prevent thieves from trying to pass off a stolen phone, you’ll have to provide a photo scan, thumbprint scan and an I.D. scan which will be verified by live agents.

Read more about turning your discarded cell phone into an asset at: http://www.bargaineering.com/articles/turn-discarded-cell-phone-asset.html


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