Exploring Your Phone Options Can Equal Monthly Savings!

smart phoneWe hope you found our last blog, Are You Ready to Purchase the Latest and Greatest Smart Phone, filled with new and useful information regarding smart phones and contracts. We’d like to share another way to save money every month on your cell phone that shouldn’t be overlooked – pre-paid phone cards. You can use a pre-paid phone card with any phone, and from my experience they have great savings advantages!

Recently, I decided to leave the world of landline phones and purchase a cell phone that would be my sole communication device. I wanted a smart phone that wasn’t tied to a contract and found one for under $60 on sale. Next, I needed to decide on the best pre-paid phone card, but I was limited to a certain provider because of the phone I had bought. If you live in an area without great cell phone and data coverage you will definitely want to buy the phone and phone card at the same time to have greater choices.

Not sure how to get started? I found that the salesperson explained everything I needed to know to choose a phone and phone card that would work for me. The key is to ask a lot of questions. The more questions I asked, the more I learned about pay-as-you-go phone options – both the phones and the phone cards. I chose a plan with unlimited minutes, data and text for $35.00 a month – definitely less than most contract fees!

When I signed up, I knew I’d need to remember to purchase a new card each month. I thought all phone cards by the same phone service would work with my phone, but I learned that’s not the case. I purchased a phone card that looked like it would work, but before leaving the store I added the minutes to the phone only to discover that my phone wouldn’t accept that card. Fortunately a salesperson was able to help me exchange it for the card I needed. Lesson learned again. Ask for help!

As you can see from my experience, you need to be a savvy consumer when it comes to using pre-paid cards. You need to remember to add minutes, text and data monthly. Luckily my phone gives me a reminder text to do that.  You also need to know which cards will work with your particular phone. Personally, this is where I’ve found that I can, in fact, save so it’s worth exploring your options!

This blog doesn’t provide all the answers though. So get the facts: do some investigating through a web search; check out big box stores; and ask lots of questions. Challenge yourself to see how much you can save on your phone costs every month!

To get you started, here are two links:





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