What Does It Mean to Be Smart About Money?

scrable money

From two very different life “perspectives” I was recently asked to reflect on life values.   This time my reflection and exploring led me to consider more closely the value I place on money.

I never thought of money as one of my core values.   In fact, I never thought of it as a value at all!

So my reflection led me to thinking – where did I learn about money and making it a key part of my weekly or monthly planning? I learned it from my parents. By listening and watching the decisions they made, I “saw” that they valued money. How? They budgeted so that we were able to take family vacations and occasionally have some of life’s other ‘extras’. They made it seem easy to have a sense of discipline around both spending and saving.

These early life experiences resulted in my taking for granted how I managed money as an adult – it was a fact of life! It was a part of life. Making money a priority or a value just came naturally; so it truly wasn’t something I needed to think a lot about!

That being said, I believe it can be a worthwhile exercise to reflect (every so often) on the value we place on money in making life decisions. The link below can assist you with doing just that.




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