Clear Plastic Bins: The Go-To Tool for Organizing Outgrown Baby Toys & Clothes

Being a first time mom, of course all my friends said, “You’ll get bombarded with STUFF!”  I promised myself I wouldn’t keep “stuff” just to keep it, especially knowing there’s a high probability it won’t even be needed in the future.  I didn’t want our house to get cluttered.  I think I’ve done an excellent job so far.

My daughter is 16 months old, and I’ve been faithfully keeping up with the rotation of her toys and clothes. On the floor of her closet, I keep two plastic bins.  I write on a big white piece of paper what will be going into each bin. One bin is labeled INFANT TOYS, and the other is labeled INFANT CLOTHES SIZE 0-3 MONTHS. I start by throwing out the worn out and dirty toys and clothes. Then I put infant toys that she has no interest in any longer into the toy bin. Next, I put the adorable little dresses she wore for two brief weeks into the clothes bin.  It may take three months or so for the bins to fill up. Since my home is small, I can only keep these bins temporarily. The next chore, which could take an unknown amount of time, is having my husband actually move the bins to another room since we lack storage space.

It’s so helpful to have the large labeled paper inside the box facing outwards so I can clearly see what is in each bin. This also helps me decide what to donate, what to keep and what to sell. A few things I may want to save for a future child or give to a friend; however, I’ll take most of them to a consignment shop or hold an online yard sale. What doesn’t sell within a month I’ll donate to a local shelter or other agency that helps families.

Of course, her knit hats from when she was born, her first pair of shoes, and her first special dress will never go into a “bin”. Those will go in our hope chest for her daughter one day.  

I’d like to hear any suggestions others may have for storing kid’s items and de-cluttering the house!

-Image courtesy of Pixababy


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